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Day Three…..Whitewater Day! We’ve been hearing about this for the past couple of days and now it’s finally here. Lucky says….’Bring your Battle Rattle, this is it! Some of the best whitewater in the canyon.’ So, we’ve got all our gear on and are ready to ride up front on this exciting day.

We got *a little* wet.

“WHITEWATERRRRRRRRR!” Travis’ voice shouts out before every rapid. Hoots and hollers and whistles and down we go! Our surroundings have become much more rugged, the river even less forgiving. We’ve entered the Gorge section of the Grand Canyon. Tanner, Basalt, Upper Unkar, Escalante, Nevills, Hance, Sockdolager, Grapevine, 83 Mile, Zoroaster, 85 Mile, Bright Angel, Pipe Springs, Horn Creek, Salt Creek, Granite, Hermit, Boucher, Crystal, Tuna Creek, Willie’s Necktie, Nixon Rock, Agate, Sapphire, Turquoise, 104 Mile, Ruby, Serpentine, Bass, and Shinumo Rapids….. those all before lunch!

Mickie, one of our guides, talking story as we travel through the Gorge section of the Grand Canyon. The scenery has become more rugged!

I don’t have any pictures travelling through whitewater because I was too busy holding on so you’ll just have to believe me that it was better than any amusement part thrill ride you could imagine! Lunch stop then hike time.

Hiking up Blacktail Slot Canyon, Lucky in the lead

Daniel and I loved the hikes on this trip. This afternoon, we were treated to a hike up a slot canyon called Blacktail Canyon. It was a lovely walk up to the end of the canyon, where Lucky shared a little story time with us and then told us about this evening’s festivities. Tonight was our ABC Party! What’s ABC, you ask? Alive Below Crystal (Rapid)! Wooohoooo! Because we had no ‘event’s’ today (we all stayed on the boats!), we would be treated to a Mexican Fiesta with music and amazing food! We had made it through the section of the canyon with the most big rapids and it was time to celebrate.

Blacktail Canyon was a wonderful little spot after all the high adrenaline of this morning’s rapids. The group was at the very end near the waterfall, and I chose to lay on a rock and look up at the sky, just breathing in the canyon. Birds flittered about, bugs chirped, and I had some wonderful moments resting in the hands of this amazing chasm of the Grand Canyon.

Heading towards camp, afternoon three.

….and we find our camp for evening three.

A clothesline with a view!

We did our fireline to off load the boats, set up camp, and began our evening routine. We had music this night…someone’s playlist on a speaker placed in a 5 gallon bucket for amplification – genius! The air in our camp was happy and relaxed. Dinner was amazing!

Look at that HUGE bowl of guacamole! New friends, Colleen and Ron, jockey for position.

Another amazing day today. What will tomorrow, day four, bring us? Lucky explained to us that there is a hike tomorrow that he believes is ‘the Source of All Things Magic in the Universe.’ Wow! That sounds like a not to be missed experience! The catch? (There always is one, isn’t there?) It’s a steep climb up and once there, you must take a small path through a slot canyon with upward cliff on one side, and ‘death,’ a long deadly fall, as he explained it, on the other. The ledge is only about 12 inches wide at it’s narrowest, people with fears of heights and poor balance are not advised. We came to refer to this section as ‘the Ledge of Death.’ Are we going to do it? Absolutely! Stay tuned…..


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