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Okay, guys. Let me preface this article with this….we are not receiving any compensation for plugging this company, we just love it so much that we wanted y’all to know about it!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a hopeless romantic and also super nostalgic about the special times in my life. I love having trinkets around my home that remind me of special times, people and places, so naturally, I’m always on a quest to find The Perfect Travel Souvenir.

Daniel and me on our wedding day in Yosemite. Photo credit: Anna Delores Photography

But let’s take a few steps back for a minute. I discovered this company, Midnight Jo Handmade, when I was shopping around for a wedding ring. Daniel and I had planned an elopement ceremony at dawn in Yosemite, and I wanted something super special to represent that. But what? So many wedding rings are just expensive globs of rock and metal. Yeah, like any other girl, I can appreciate a stunningly beautiful wedding ring, sure, but what would be something different….something equally beautiful….something exceptional? That’s when I found Midnight Jo. She creates a multitude of different jewelry pieces ranging from rings made from antique spoons to silver earrings and necklaces. When I saw her National Park Quarter Rings, I knew I had found my wedding ring! I ordered a Yosemite ring and I absolutely love it. I am an ER nurse and wash my hands incessantly. It has held up amazingly and hasn’t lost one bit of luster since the day I got it and every time I look at it, I remember this perfect sunrise.

My Midnight Jo Yosemite ring with my engagement ring.

I was perusing her site the other day to see what new things she had to offer and discovered that she is doing National Park charm bracelets using the punch out center from the rings she makes. These are so cool! Being lovers of National Parks, and lovers of special souvenirs to remind us of our amazing memories, I was thrilled to see these! Check this out!


I can’t wait to collect all my favorite National Parks on this bracelet. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?

I couldn’t begin to share all of Midnight Jo’s creativity in a short blog posting, but here are a few other images of some of my favorites.


Thank you, Midnight Jo, for your amazing creativity, beautiful handwork, and your gift at making exceptional items that hold deep meaning. You’ve got two customers for life with Daniel and me! Pro tip for those interested in her product: if you join her mailing list that pops up when you first go to her site, you’ll get a coupon for 10% off her already reasonable prices!

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