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Hi Guys! Sorry we are posting this a day late, but we had some computer issues.

So…we just returned from our Western River Expedition Grand Canyon rafting trip (more on that soon!), and they were really forward thinking about many things. They created a file sharing account for photos and videos with; there are tons of other options out there and they are mostly all free. We were with a group of 28 others where very few of us knew one another. After the trip, everyone can go to this site and upload their favorite photos and videos to share with the group. Daniel and I thought this was an excellent idea! Many people travel in groups and there is always that one person (like me) who takes a thousand photos. (I literally DID take one thousand photos on our recent Grand Canyon river trip!) There were others whose cameras died, got left behind in some random slot canyon, or they didn’t bring one (gasp!), so this gives them the opportunity to preserve their memories. Here are a couple photos we shared with our group.


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