Travel Tip Tuesday – Marvelous (Paper) Maps!

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Sweet Twin Falls, Idaho. A place we almost missed!

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I LOVED looking at maps and imagining where I would like to go. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit….that was quite a few years ago, before Alexa and Siri and all the conveniences we now enjoy on our electronic devices.

I have a terrible sense of direction! I use my phone’s navigation abilities quite frequently. On our last road trip to Wyoming, we were heading back home from Yellowstone and our phone’s navigation was taking us through the cornfields as a ‘shortcut.’ We were both hungry and we were nearing lunch time, so Daniel stopped us to have a look around. We pulled out our paper map of Idaho to have a look. (Yes we had one! Did you know paper maps are free to all AAA members?) He noticed that Twin Falls, Idaho was only a few miles ahead, but that the navigation had planned to completely route us around it! We told Siri where to shove it and headed towards Twin Falls, navigating with our paper map.

Downtown park in Twin Falls

What a little treasure… Twin Falls, Idaho! We stopped for lunch at a swanky little pizza joint and devoured half a dozen slices of pizza and some ice cold sodas.

After lunch, we opted to wander around town a little. We found antique shops, trendy breweries and eateries, bike shops, a base jumping school (!) and this interesting place….

Churchman’s Tide Pool Room….tattoos, piercings, and fresh and salt water fish. What a combo!

This little town was a delightful stop and a wonderful place for lunch, exploration, and a break during a long drive. But….where are these falls this little town was named after? We couldn’t leave without finding them. It turned out, they are not far from downtown. We found our way to Shoshone Falls and were in awe of the scenery!

They call Twin Falls, the Niagara of the West. We could see why!

This place is amazing! Definitely stop, if you’re passing through Twin Falls.

The park was lovely with lots of grassy areas for picnicking and relaxing…..and the VIEWS!
Looking downstream from the falls.

We spent a few peaceful moments enjoying the views and hiking the trails along the cliff side, marveling that we almost missed this place! Moral of the story? Sometimes it’s good to just pull out that old fashioned map and see what there is to see.


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