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You’re in the car driving to the grocery store, a song comes on the radio, and you’re instantly transported back in time to a specific memory. Don’t you love that? It’s amazing how music can trigger memories.

When we have a really special trip coming up, we will intentionally create a playlist of songs. For example, Daniel and I planned our elopement in Yosemite. In the weeks preceding our special time, I created and played our ‘Let’s Tie The Knot’ playlist. I specifically made it long enough not to play the same song twice on the five hour drive to Yosemite from our home in Northern California. Funny, right? It sounds a little silly, I know, but now every single time I hear a song from that playlist, I’m transported back to one of the most wonderful weeks of my life. I always smile.


This actually works without even creating a playlist. Bring music along with you on your trips. Listen to music on your down time, when you’re lounging in the hotel or cruise ship stateroom, while you’re driving, or just getting ready in the mornings. Often times you will find that a certain song sticks in your head and will become the ‘theme song’ for that trip. My 21 year old daughter told me just the other day, ‘Mom, I heard that Santana song ‘Smooth’ yesterday and it always reminds me of when we used to cruise up the river looking for crocodiles at Opa’s house in Costa Rica.’ She was very young when that happened – 6 years old – and yet still, that memory is attached to that song for her. I think that’s pretty darn cool.

There are many options out there for creating playlists. We use Pandora, but Spotify is also very popular. Pro tip: download your playlist to your phone before you leave. You don’t want any lack of cell service to spoil your music plans!

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