Travel Tip Tuesday – It All Makes ‘Scents!’

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You’re absentmindedly cleaning up your kid’s latest art project, putting the one million crayons back into the box. You inhale deeply and the smell of the crayons transports you back to your first grade classroom and Miss Emily The Best Teacher in the World – at least in your eyes, anyway. You smile and picture the classroom exactly as it was, the recess bell rings, and then stampeding feet run towards the door. You remember your best friend, Hannah, and wonder whatever happened to her, as you place the last crayon in the box. What a powerful and detailed memory from just one sniff of a crayon!

Our senses can create the most vivid memories. How can this relate to travel, you’re wondering? Well, before we go on a big trip, especially a tropical adventure, I like to visit one of those bath and body stores that sell all those decadent lotions. I spend a few moments sniffing all the offerings, and choose one that appeals to me. I’ll buy a couple small travel sizes of this fragrance, and maybe even a hand sanitizer, and off we go. I’ll use this particular fragrance every day on the trip. Once I get home, it’s like magic! Every time I smell this scent, my mind automatically pictures a memory from that adventure. Easy!

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