Travel Tip Tuesday – Here’s One Simple Thing You Can Do That Will Make Your Trip Exceptional

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So….you’re planning a week vacation in some fabulous, amazing place. You’ve got your airbnb booked, your travel guide in hand, your airplane tickets purchased, but you really want this trip to be a special experience. What else can you do?

This one is so easy it’s almost silly. When you get to your destination and get the lay of the land, choose one place: it could be a coffee stand, neighborhood bar, or ice cream shop. Go there every day of your vacation at the same time. What the heck is this going to do for me, you wonder? This sounds silly! Well, going to the same place every day will create a sense of routine in your day but also a sense of belonging to your new city. The restaurant workers will begin to recognize you and wave hello. They might even remember your morning coffee drink! You will sit in the same place every day and notice the same people walking by, you might even strike up a conversation with one of them and make a new friend. This little slice of the world will become a home away from home for you. We have done this in many different cities across the world and we’ve had incredible experiences. We’ve made new friends while gathering amazing sightseeing tips and insider suggestions for things to do. We’ve learned about local food, drink, and traditions, and most of all, we’ve felt as though we actually belonged there.

Prost from Munich, Germany!

Give it a try! Find your place, raise a glass, and cheers to new adventures!

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