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Okay, let me preface this post with this: we are not being paid or compensated in any way by Flytographer, it’s just a company that we like and value. We have used Flytographer in two different countries now with stellar results. That being said…..

Do you go on family trips and find that you aren’t actually in any of the photos? Do you wish you could have even just one good photo with you enjoying your vacation with your family? Well, problem solved! A company called Flytographer offers professional sessions in many countries across the world. We love them so much that we want to share their company with you all!

This was our first session in Munich. We loved the way our photographer, Gloria, captured our personalities intermixed with the city’s lovely architechture. Flytographer will send you a sneak peek like the one above in just a couple days with your entire order delivered within five days. We received our photos before we even returned home from our trips in both cases!

How does this work? Well, you’ve booked your vacation and now you’re thinking…hmmmmm…..I’d really like some special photos to remember this awesome trip I’ve planned. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Head to, search their destinations, find your destination, then check out the different photographers available to choose from. They each have a bio and some sample photos from previous shoots available for your perusal.
  2. Choose your photographer then message the flytographer concierge to coordinate dates, times, perferred photo shoot locations, and your ideas of what you want out of your shoot.
  3. Pay your fee and show up to your shoot on time! It’s as easy as that.

I hear you thinking….this sounds expensive. How much will this set me back? Photo shoots range in price from $250 for 30 minutes to $650 for two hours. We did two different shoots, one in Munich, Germany, and the second in Cape Town, Africa, and chose the 60 minute option for both, which was $350. The one hour option guarantees you 30 edited photos including all digital rights. It may sound steep initially, but we absolutely ADORE the photos we have, and treasure the memories. Check out some of our favorites….

Wow, those are pretty awesome, you’re thinking, but I still have a few reservations. Will I feel awkward during the shoot? Do they pose me or do I have to be a model to be any good at this? You’d be surprised! We found that both of our photographers were really fun and easy to be around. They were chatty and helped us to pose for some shots, but also let us be our goofy selves and enjoy the moments together. Both photographers were helpful and oh, so kind! Gloria, our Munich photographer, walked us all around her city and we felt like we had gotten a private tour. Nadine, in Cape Town, offered us a ride back into town after we realized we didn’t have cell service on Signal Mountain (we laughed at the irony!) and piled us all into her car and dropped us safely in front of our hotel. Now, I’m not saying you’ll get special treatment from every photographer you choose, that was just our personal experiences.

We feel as though the perfect souveniers from a trip are the memories. Flytographer captures the magic!


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