Travel Tip Tuesday – COFFEE!

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Trader Joe’s instant coffee packets

Coffee! The world’s most perfect elixir. Do you miss it when you’re traveling? I know I do! There’s nothing more perfect that a deliciously creamed and sugared steaming cup of coffee in the morning, especially if you’re in some magical place watching the sun rise. Or heck! It’s good at sunset, or any time of the day, really. So…how to solve this traveling coffee problem? Well, Trader Joe’s has got this solved for you. TJ’s sells individual packets of instant coffee that have cream and sugar already mixed in. It’s a perfect packet of coffee goodness, if you ask me. Sounds suspicious, you think? I thought so, too, but when I tried it, I was a changed woman. We bring these everywhere when we travel: car camping, backpacking, overseas, beach trips, you name it. They travel well, they taste good, and they keep the system going….if you know what I mean. The best part? They are less than $2 per box of about a dozen packets.


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