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We’re heading out on our road trip to Wyoming, packing up the car. ‘What game should we bring?’ I ask Daniel. ‘Oh… let’s bring Pandemic this time.’ Awesome, I think, as I tuck the game box into the car.

Pandemic is one of our favorite games.

Why do you bring a game on a road trip, you wonder? Not only do we bring them on road trips, but we bring them pretty much everywhere: weekend getaways to the coast, cruises, backpacking, car camping, you name it. If you’ve read our blog post, ‘Why Do We Travel,’ you know that for us, a big part of travel is the relational aspect. Every single time we’ve set up a game in a public place, we’ve had someone approach us and ask to play. Every single time!

What games do we like to bring? Well, we are both nurses and science geeks who love strategy so Pandemic is a favorite of ours (not recommended on a windy night! Lots of pieces and cards). The rules are a bit complicated so in the time it takes to teach and play an entire game, you will have made a new friend and learned a lot abut them in the process. This game is also fun because it’s everyone against the board so it’s more of a team effort. Other games in our arsenal include: Catan, Trekking the National Parks, Apples to Apples, and Cards Against Humanity (not for kids). When we backpack, we choose smaller options: regular playing cards, Uno, travel backgammon. Go check out our links to our favorite games and let us know which ones you like best!

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