the real world


Ever since we returned from the Grand Canyon, I’ve felt a nagging discord that I cant put my finger on. The world seems so busy! Everything is in motion, yet moving towards what? Everywhere I look there are cars and people, unnatural sounds, obnoxious advertisements…in general, this chaotic now feels aimless in contrast to canyon life.

Perplexed Tanya back in the real world
This is how I feel!

Take me back to the predictable rhythm of nature, the sun as my alarm clock, the stars, my night lights. The world knows how to breathe on its own, without the incessant pushing we do to direct it the way we think it should go. Loosen the grip on the control we feel we so desperately need, slow down, breathe deep, look around and absorb the beauty around us.

Dusk in the canyon….I loved laying on my cot watching the little bats fly haphazardly through the night.

Life on the river was hard but easy. We knew the elements would be relentless, but we could predict the pattern of our day almost as efficiently as that damn fancy watch that stupid magazine ad tells me I must have.

Breakfast…break camp…raft….lunch….hike….raft….set up camp….dinner….watch the bats catch their dinner as we drift off to sleep, maybe a shooting star or two. Easy. Predictable. Comforting. Meaningful.

The real question is: how do we bring that natural rhythm back into our lives at home? Towards the end of our trip, our leader said….’so are y’all ready to leave the real world and head back to the circus?’

Not me! I’ll take the real world any day.


I'm an only child who grew up on a sailboat, a lover of adventure, a mom, wife, an RN, and a friend of all dogs.

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      1. Well I usually start planning my next trip. When I did my Grand Canyon trip I was single and it was a great trip for a solo traveler so I planned two more white water trips, with a year between each!!! I did Snake River and Middle Fork of Salmon! Planning kept me busy and excited!!! I love being off the grid!!! Now after my trips I’ve been blogging and that also keeps the feeling going, so to say!!!!

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