Ten Reasons Why You Should Book A Grand Canyon River Trip Right Now!


1. You’ll have something super cool to look forward to for the next 12 months and you’ll have a whole year to pay for it!

2. You will meet some super awesome cool people.

Reasons to book a Grand Canyon trip!
Our guides: Mickie, me, Daniel, Travis, and Daniel.

3. You’ll get to poop in one of the prettiest places in the world!

Grand Canyon views
A groover with a view

4. You’ll get to check off a big item from your Bucket List!

5. No words can describe the Grand Canyon night sky.

Grand Canyon sunset
Our camp at sunset

6. You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone.

Grand Canyon rafting

7. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to unplug for a week?

Grand Canyon and Russell
Russell the Rock Kisser enjoying his Grand Canyon river rafting adventure.

8. You will have a chance to spend quality time with someone you love.

Grand Canyon with my love

9. The hiking is amazing!

Grand Canyon has many slot canyons, this one near the Patio.
Slot canyon at the Patio, an amazing hike near Deer Creek Falls.

10. You will never ever say…..’man, I sure wish we hadn’t done that Grand Canyon rafting trip.’ You will treasure the memories for a lifetime.

Havasu Canyon, Grand Canyon
Swimming hole in Havasu Canyon, a tributary to the Colorado River.

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