‘Keep going! It only gets better from here…’


It all started with a little twinge of the heart; you know the kind. That little voice that says….’come onnnnnn, what about this…wouldn’t this be something amazing?’ You turn the other cheek, go about what you’re doing, and ignore the nudge for now. Its so much easier to live what you know, rather than turn your whole world upside down and take a chance at failure. A little time passes until that gnawing voice returns – this time a little louder – saying….’but wait! What do you mean take a chance at failure?! What about taking a chance at living the most wildly fulfilled life you could ever imagine?! That stuff doesn’t come for free, ya know. Come on!! Do it! Ya know you want to!’ 

As many of you know, Daniel and I are in the middle of a giant life change.  Our hearts nudged and poked and grabbed us by the shoulders and shook us until we listened. We are moving for the chance at rural, country living and to fulfill our dream of opening a reindeer farm.  We were scared to do it! Even in the middle of doing it, it’s still scary! But here we are. The road has not been easy by any means.  We’ve laughed and we’ve cried. We’ve shrugged our shoulders, rolled our eyes, and said ‘what are we going to do now?’ a few too many times along the way. But, we’ve also been surprised by the beauty of our world and touched by the generosity of others. This is one of those ‘you and me against the world’ opportunities and I hope we’ve embraced that. I think we have.

We are currently in Goldendale, Washington right now, in what I’m calling the homeless segment of our transition. Our California home has sold, our Goldendale home will close next week. Not only have we moved everything from Chico to Goldendale and into six storage units, but we get to move it all AGAIN next week when we move into our new home. (Note to selves: never EVER attempt to move a hot tub again). We were blessed to find a lovely Airbnb with gracious hosts to call home for these two in-between weeks. To say this has been stressful is an understatement. I will admit that the thought, ‘I hope this is worth it,’ has crossed both our minds more than once these past days.

Exploring the grocery store in Goldendale, our new home town

But let me tell you something else. Here’s where it gets good! Today Daniel and I were driving around town running errands. Right in front of the feed store and into my heart flowed a peace, an absolute irrefutable knowing, that we have done the right thing. That we are exactly where God wants us right now. That we don’t have to worry, that he’s got it all under control, and has a master plan for it all. We don’t know exactly what will happen from here, but the overwhelming feeling is good. Good is good. Good is perfect even! It’s going to be okay, great even. We’re doing it. We took the chance and are being rewarded with so many blessings already. ‘Keep going!’ says that now confident voice. ‘It only gets better from here.’

So tomorrow we start our new gig at the local hospital. Starting a new job is hard and stressful and a learning curve and all those things and just another part of this complicated puzzle. But I have faith. I have peace in knowing that we are walking the right path. I have my best friend and husband by my side with whom I know I could conquer the world. Or at the very least, start a pretty damn awesome reindeer farm called Goldendale Reindeer in a tiny town in south central Washington. ‘Keep going!’ says that now confident voice.  ‘It only gets better from here.’ 


I'm an only child who grew up on a sailboat, a lover of adventure, a mom, wife, an RN, and a friend of all dogs.


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