All Good Things….

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Must sadly come to an end. It is today that we reach day six of our Grand Canyon Western River Expeditions adventure. It’s time to do our final pack up, raft a few more miles to the helipad, and say goodbye to our new friends.

Grand Canyon
Reflections of a once in a lifetime trip echo through our hearts and minds this morning.

The mood is quiet but happy, last breakfast is eggs benedict. During our final instruction time, Lucky says, “Are y’all ready to leave the real world and return to the three ring circus?” Those words reverberated in my head. Some were looking forward to a shower and cell service. Us? No, thanks. We’d rather stay with the river and the bats and the million star hotel. We will miss this living, breathing Canyon.

We rafted 8 miles that morning, then in groups of five or six, we were helicoptered out to the nearby Bar 10 Ranch, where we would have lunch and wait for our flights back to ‘the three ring circus.’ We were on the last flight out of the canyon and we spent our time laughing and talking about our adventure with our raft mates, now friends.

Hyperlapse of our helicopter flight out of the Canyon
Grand Canyon, on our way to Bar 10 Ranch, Arizona
Last flight out!

Bar 10 Ranch was a lovely little oasis on the Arizona Strip (not Las Vegas Strip), only 8 miles as the crow flies from the Rim. We hung out here for a couple hours, filled out bellies, and started the slow transition from Canyon life to ‘real’ life. It’s been a hard one, but what keeps us going? Planning the next trip, of course!

“And to those who believe adventure is dangerous, I say try routine. It kills you far more quickly. ” – unknown


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