6 Things That Will Make Your Lantern Fest Experience Amazing!

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Our lantern flying away

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Dusk at the Lantern Fest, performers’ stage to the left.

Lantern festivals are all the rage these days and when we bought tickets to our first one, we didn’t really know what to expect. Here are six things to bring that will make your lantern festival experience an amazing one.

Daniel releasing his lantern.
  1. Chairs. You’ll arrive in the afternoon several hours before the lantern release to enjoy the music and activities. It’s nice to have a chair to relax in while you are soaking up the atmosphere. People watching is epic!
  2. Picnic. We like to use a backpack picnic set like the one in the link for festivals and events like this. Food is usually available, but you never know what you are going to get and it tends to be pricey! At the event we went to, alcohol was allowed and many festival goers brought garden wagons to haul their beverage filled ice coolers as parking was quite a distance away.
  3. Book of Questions or game to play. You’ll have a lot of downtime while you are waiting for the sun to set before the lantern release begins. Bring a book to spur meaningful conversation, like the Book of Questions, or a game to play to pass the time in a meaningful, interactive way.
  4. Headlamp or flashlight. We didn’t think about this one, but we sure could’ve used a light while we were packing up our gear and for the walk back to the car
  5. Jacket. It can get cool when the sun sets! Even if it’s very hot during the day, throw in a light jacket just in case.
  6. Camera! If you only bring one item from this list, be sure to bring your camera. The sun sets, the dramatic music plays, and the magic begins. It truly is a fairy tale experience!
A few second video of our lantern release, it really is breathtaking!

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We loved it!

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