5 Must Pack Items For Your Next Cruise!

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Planning a cruise? Here are five easy items to pack that we won’t leave for our cruise without!

  1. Highlighters. There is so much great information in the daily cruise planners that it’s hard to keep track of the activities you’re interested in. Take a package of highlighters to mark the activities you’re most interested in and you won’t miss a beat!

2. Super hefty magnets. Did you know that cruise ship walls are metal? These magnets come in handy for hanging all kinds of things from ship schedules to shore excursions to note pads. You’ll have your information handy when you need it. These are also great for hanging the next super useful item!

3. Over the door shoe organizer. These are great for organizing your make-up, jewelry, shaving items, shampoos, sunblock, lip balm, and any other little items you bring along. We hang this on our bathroom door and because the pockets are clear, it’s easy to find anything we need.

4. Multi USB charger. Outlets come at a premium on a cruise ship and with all the electronic devices we use these days, you may find yourself needing more outlets than are available. We understand that cruise ships have been cracking down on extension cords lately, but we believe this is a good work around. Pro tip: look under the desk in your stateroom, there is usually an outlet hidden underneath!

5. Lanyard. I resisted this originally because I thought they were a little bit dorky looking but then succumbed. Everything on board is controlled with your ship pass: the door lock, purchasing drinks or other items, ID to get on and off the ship. A lanyard makes it easier to keep track of your ship pass card. I can’t tell you how many times I lost my card before I got a lanyard! Pro tip: be sure to take this off after you have disembarked the ship as these signal to thieves in port that you are a tourist and possibly an easy target for unsavory activities.

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