4 Reasons You Should Get Scuba Certified On Your Next Cruise

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Thinking about planning a cruise but you also want to get Scuba certified? Royal Caribbean has got you covered! Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is the first and only cruise line to offer on board PADI Five Star Dive Centers, offering guests the opportunity to become scuba certified as a part of their cruise experience.

Daniel in front of the PADI Five Star Dive Center onboard the Allure of the Seas

Last February, Daniel and I planned a cruise to celebrate our Honeyversery – Honeymoon + First Anniversary – and he wanted to get dive certified. Lucky for us, we discovered that Royal Caribbean offered a complete certification course on board our cruise! He signed up for it and off we went!

Here’s why this is the way to go if you want to get Scuba Certified….

Luscious Caribbean beauty! Who wouldn’t want to dive here? (Me! But I snorkeled….)
  1. One stop shop! He paid for his course, which we booked ON SALE for around $379! That allowed him access to the online book work, which he completed before we departed for the cruise. The pool sessions were scheduled for our first days at sea and then the four open water dives happened during visits to two different ports of call in the Caribbean. Everything was taken care of by the ship and was very organized, I might add! All the equipment he used was fitted and provided by the ship, also.
  2. Small class sizes. This isn’t always guaranteed, but in Daniel’s class there were just two people with one dive instructor. They had a wonderful time during their onboard pool and classroom sessions and became fast friends. That was an added bonus we weren’t at all expecting.
  3. You get to do your open water dives in the Caribbean in two different ports! Who wouldn’t want to do that? Daniel did his first two dives in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the second two in St Maarten. It was a wonderful opportunity for him to experience diving in two different locations in the Caribbean, and it starts your dive log out with some pretty cool international stamps.
  4. Variety of Dive Instructors. Though Daniel had one main dive master onboard, he was also able to experience several different dive instructors when they went out for open water dives in port. Daniel appreciated learning from people who had experienced diving across the world and already has a Dive Bucket List started!
  5. Many options available for family members who don’t dive. I’m not a diver, it’s just not something God created me to do. No biggie! Royal Caribbean offers tons of other activities I could participate in while Daniel was off diving, which was so awesome! In Puerto Rico, I did a walking tour of Old Town and in St Maarten, I went on a snorkel sail. Both were lots of fun and I made a few new friends in the process, too.
Stairway to heaven?!

Once you complete your basic PADI certification, you can go on to do several other dive classes with Royal Caribbean on future cruises, or just enjoy diving with your basic certification. We are returning to the Caribbean for another RCCL cruise in February, and Daniel already has several dives planned at our ports of call. One thing we have discovered about certified diving is that the dive shops are allowing me to tag along as a snorkeler while he dives! Super cool bonus we weren’t expecting.

Daniel’s adventures while becoming PADI certified.

Have you gotten scuba certified while on vacation? Leave us your comments below!


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